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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

"Purity & Intelligence"
Photo by Nancy Pierce
At only three years old, ZAKI IBN FARID (Anaza El Farid X Bint Aliah Halima) is a remarkably powerful, smooth bodied and balanced stallion.
A glistening chestnut with a fine sculpted head, a perfectly centered blaze and a sprinkling of roaning through his flanks, Zaki exudes a timeless sort of beauty and elegance that defies his youth. While boasting a star-studded Straight Egyptian pedigree featuring such modern superstars as Ruminaja Ali, The Egyptian Prince, Thee Desperado and Ansata Ibn Halima -- one look at Zaki Ibn Farid and the seasoned eye senses the true depth of his genetic gifts. This horse seems so familiar, but it is not visions of his famous modern ancestors that lure you to look further -- to search beyond the surface, to understand the connection -- its something else.
The image of Zaki Ibn Farid takes the mind's eye on a wonderful journey... all the way back to the "Golden Age" of Arabian breeding in Egypt in the late 1800's. Zaki is a horse that could have easily stepped out from the stables of Prince Mohamed Ali to proudly stand to be mounted and ridden far off into the desert; the presence of the Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif legacy is clearly manifest in the physical being of this horse. It has long been noted by studied Arabian horse breeders and scholars, that the appearance of roaning in the coat is a sure sign of intense Ali Pasha Sherif breeding. It is, in fact, a trait within the Arabian breed believed to be passed down from one primary source... the stallion Mesaoud, bred by Prince Mohamed Aly and considered to be one of the most important Arabian progenitors of all time: "He was a chestnut stallion with brilliant white markings, noted for his correct conformation, good Arabian type and powerful build
.His markings included a blaze, three full stockings with a right front partial stocking, and slight roaning to the body". That description could easily be paired with the photo of Zaki Ibn Farid -- it is, however, a published description of the great Mesaoud. Although the uncanny similarity may not have been intended by Zaki's breeder, Carol Rice, in terms of genetics it is certainly no coincidence. A study of Zaki Ibn Farid's pedigree back to his earliest Egyptian ancestors, indicates no less than 100 crosses to Mesaoud! Now that is something to think about. 
Carol's goals in breeding Zaki were clear, straightforward and practical: "I study pedigrees and conformation as far back into the pedigree as possible. Looking at both positives and negatives, and trying to see what consistently came forward. I want to make a better individual that both the sire and dam if possible. I believe that each mating should be planned for a colt, and I should have a good idea of what I will do with this colt". Zaki's sire, U.S. Top Ten Stallion Anaza El Farid, has always been one of Carol's favorite stallions. "I love Farid's overall great conformation and balance" says Carol, "and I understand that he had a lot of personality". In planning the breeding, Carol "had a gut feeling" that line breeding both Ruminaja Ali and Ansata Ibn Halima together would work well. With that in mind, Carol felt that the lovely black Bint Aliah Halima (Thee Desperado X Aliha Halima by Ruminaja Ali) would be the perfect choice for the dam in this special breeding. Arrangements were made for Carol to lease Bint Aliha Halima from her owner, Susan Watson and then the wait was on. Though Carol had hoped for a filly, many people were telling her she should be hoping for a colt from this cross. A colt it was, and Carol could not have been more thrilled. "Zaki is a huge mover!" comments Carol, who also describes him as extremely intelligent and playful. "The word Zaki has two meanings; one is pure, the other is smart. He is both of those things! He really wants human attention and human approval, and tries hard to do what is asked of him. He has that "in your tent" attitude.”
According to Carol, Zaki Ibn Farid, who is the paternal brother to the World Champion Stallion Gazal Al Shaqab, is one of only three Straight Egyptian Anaza El Farid sons in the USA. One only needs to look at his pedigree to recognize that it is virtually bursting with champions from all sides, and that is certainly something to be proud of. On the other hand, it is also very refreshing to appreciate a young Straight Egyptian stallion for his remarkable connections to antiquity, for his fabulous movement, his extraordinary intelligence, his natural exuberance and his love for human companionship. It's nice to know that, despite fads that come and go in the showring as well as the breeding shed, the true essence of the Arabian horse has survived it all --- the tent horse is still with us. It's nice to know that its still possible to see a treasured foundation horse such as Mesaoud, a stallion who walked the earth over one hundred years ago, immortalized through a lovely young stallion in the year 2011. If ever there was a living testament to the saying "blood tells" it is Zaki Ibn Farid. I think Prince Mohamed Aly would be proud.
Profile by Caryn Rogosky
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