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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

Biographies and Profiles

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In a virtual sea of of beautiful Arabian horses, why would a prospective buyer or breeder be drawn to the horse that you are offering for purchase, or to the stallion that you are standing at stud, over all others? Regardless of the particular media, be it a magazine, a brochure or website... the most effective means of introducing your horse to the public is to present an outstanding photograph accompanied by a powerful, interesting and informative profile of that horse. The relative quality of your horse's profile will either draw the reader in, or it will lose his attention quickly... and impel him to move on. A fine Egyptian Arabian horse, especially one who is being considered for breeding, is far more than what even the best photograph can convey. He is the living manifestation of thousands of years of meticulous selective breeding -- an exclusive physical and spiritual being. The many incredible gifts that your horse has to offer cannot be adequately reflected in a photograph alone, which represents a singlular flash in time. The history of your horses's ancestry is at the core of his fine attributes, and is the fiber of his genetic capablities. The telling of this is an art form, rooted in many years of studying the history of the Egyptian Arabian horse and relevant pedigree analysis, coupled with an inherent appreciation of how these elements are forever fused.


While I feel that it is critical to highlight the credentials of any horses's accomplishments in his profile, I would not describe myself as a statistics or data driven profile writer.  I am a true believer in the romance and rich heritage of the Egyptian horse, and my profiles reflect the magic that these remarkable creatures embody.
My biography and profile writing style requires that I first learn about the horse's owner, his/her own vision...his/her own preferences and goals in owning and breeding Egyptian Arabian horses. I encourage owners to share with me anecdotes about their horse,  which reflect personal experiences and observations;  to describe to me the horse through his/her own eyes. I want to know what it is about this horse that makes the owner's heart soar...that touches his/her soul. In knowing this, I can best convey the true essence of each horse -- as a unique, exquisite and irreplaceable individual. 
For the purposes of my work, I define a "Profile" as a sort of detailed sketch, a shortened version of a Biography. Typically written to accompany a photograph of one horse, my profiles will first provide the important details of that horse's identity and status. A profile will incorporate information regarding the horse's activity in showing and/or performance of any kind, as provided by the owner. In addition, my profiles present a rich summary of the horse's heritage as well as an analysis of his pedigree. Notable desired traits of illustrious ancestors are underscored and appropriate comparisons to these, obviously inherited by the subject horse, are offered. Historic details, researched specifically for the subject horse, will be interwoven throughout the profile. These may include noteworthy observations and quotes by famous historic figures and authorities on Egyptian Arabian horses, regarding strain type, or other interesting family characteristics. I also like to include anecdotes and quotes provided by the horse's ower, which helps the reader to see the horse, his spirit and character, in a more intimate way. Profiles are usually several paragraphs to a page in length.
"Biographies" contain everything that is covered in Profiles, however they are more lengthy and elaborate, enhanced by deeper historic and pedigree research. In addition, Biographies may incorporate information on more than the subject horse; mention of full and half siblings of note are often included. Biographies also delve more deeply into the breeding philosophies of the owner/breeder...and include additional information on the farm and its operations if appropriate. The Biography tyically will span multiple generations of breeding, and may also include additional photos appropriate to the piece.The "back story" (detailed information regarding the background, vision, preferences and goals of the breeder/owner), is signficantly expanded upon in Biographies over Profiles. Biographies are typically one to several pages in length.
In order to prepare a horse biography or profile, I require photos and/or videos that clearly show the horse's physical conformation and features, as well as a complete pedigree and proof of ownership. This material can all be provided via email.

I also request any data regarding showing, breeding, production, and/or other accomplishemnts of said horse which the owner would like to share. 
In addition to my personal research on the ancestry and heritage of the horse, I will incorporate the owner's own vision into my work, providing a profile which is informative, detailed in content, personal and alluring in style. Owners are requested to include as much information as they have available pertinent to the qualities and character of the horse.
Fees for Profiles and Biographies available upon request.

Example Profile #1

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