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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

A precious gift from the past...a treasure for the future.

Avalon Maar Moniet

 ​​2016 Bay Asil Filly;​​​​
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd
Avalon Maar Moniet
  1. WK Halim El Shakhir X Avalon Bint Lara 
 ​​​It is now widely recognized that only approximately 4% of all
registered Purebred Arabian horses are considered to be "Asil" -- that is,
they have been qualified by Al Khamsa to trace in all lines of their pedigrees 
to ancestors bred by the Nomadic Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula.
Within that tiny fraction of the population, less than only 1,000 individual Arabian horses,
worldwide, also qualify as Sheykh Obeyd...even fewer are also Straight Egyptian.
Avalon Maar Moniet is one of those rare and precious individuals.  

This feminine, beautifully conformed, deep bay yearling filly already expresses the inherent nobility of her Egyptian heritage with elegance and grace. Dahmah Shahwaniyah in strain, she descends in tail female (on both sides of her pedigree) from the legendary foundation mare El Dahma, from the stud of Ali Pasha Sherif of Egypt. 

 Avalon Maar Moniet boasts an extraordinary heritage, featuring multiple crosses to some of the most famous and highly sought progenitors within Egyptian Arabian breeding, such as: Ansata Ibn Halima, Maar Ree and Moniet El Nefous. In fact, the female line of both her sire, WK Halim El Shakhir (Halim El Mansour X Akira Zarif), and her dam, Avalon Bint Lara  (Masada Sherif X Lara Halima CH) flow through the exquisite Fakher El Din daughters, full sisters -- Akira Zarif and Dahma Din.  Avalon Maar Moniet offers a rich genetic source to the ultra-refined Moniet El Nefous son, Fakher El Din -- challenging to find in Straight Egyptian pedigrees today. 
While Avalon Maar Moniet clearly reflects the lovely curving lines and harmoious balance of her Dahman heritage, the dry sculpted beauty, stretch, refinement and mystique of Moniet's Saqlawi
influence cannot be denied in this precious filly.  A magical combination of authentic character, presenting as an abundnace of true Egyptian Arabian type. 

"To those who knew her, Moniet's soul was exposed through her lively, expressive eyes. She was the living proof that the beauty
of the universe is unfolding, as it should. Her loveliness transcends time." --Judith Forbis

Avalon Maar Moniet carries 4 crosses to Ansata Ibn Halima, through his remarkable sons;
as well as through his exquiste black daugher, BINT FA DENA.
In fact, Avalon Maar Moniet carries no less than 6 crosses to black... through the incredible stallions, Fa Daalim and Fabo.
A Remarkable Heritage...

WK Halim El Shakhir
Halim El Mansour X Akira Zarif

Avalon Bint Lara
Masada Sherif X Lara Halima CH

Blood tells a story...

Paternal Granddam: ​​

Akira Zarif
Fakher El Din  X Masada Bellesabah
Paternal Grandsire: ​​

Halim El Mansour
Ansata Ibn Halima X RDM Maar Hala
Maternal Granddam: ​​

Lara Halima CH
FA Daalim  X Dahmah Din

Maternal Grandsire: ​​

Masada El Sherif
Fabo X SF Khala Zahra
A Stunning Heritage...
Renowned Quality, Generation Upon Generation.
Fa Daalim

Ansata Ibn Halima

El Hilal

Ansata El Sherif 

RDM Mar Hala

Fakher El Din

...Only a glimpse of Avalon Maar Moniet's
stellar ancestry. 
Masada Bellesabah

Though she is just a yearling, this typey and elegant filly clearly projects the
unique qualities of both a contemporary show horse and superb matriarch prospect. 
Avalon Maar Moniet's phenotype perfectly expresses her genotype -- reflecting a fine
blending of preferred traits for which her most prized ancestors are so widely revered.
Bred to reproduce with exceptional consistency, Avalon Maar Moniet is
highly recommended for the discriminating breeder who wishes to own and
produce top quality Straight Egyptian Arabians of rare preservation status. 

Available for purchase to discriminating breeder.

For additional information, please email:  [email protected]


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