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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

As described by his long time breeder: 

"It is difficult for me to pick out only a few special characteristics of Antara Sobek.
After breeding horses since 1999, I consider myself to be quite discriminating, but there is a lot to
fall in love with about this stallion. The first quality that comes to my mind in describing Sobek is his movement, which I can honestly say, will stop you in your tracks!! He is strong, fluid and bold
 with powerful action. When he was shown at the Egyptian Event in 2008, Mike Neal arranged for a young man nick-named "The Rocket" to bring him into the arena -- as few people could actually
keep up with running alongside of Antara Sobek! It was magic!!!
Of course, his exotic, dishy head gets your attention right away. From his tiny, tippy ears to his
large flaring nostrils, his big black eyes and and his deeply sculpted cheek...I think that he really 
does exemplify the classically beautiful Egyptian Arabian Stallion.Because these features are so
dominant in his pedigree going far, far back, he will certainly pass them on to his get.
 Another feature that I think is a special quality of Sobek's is his fine, velvety black skin.
His beautiful coat stays short throughout all seasons, and never gets long or shaggy.
To me, this is a telling trait of a quality Desert Bred Arabian. I am so eager to see Sobek
established in a high quality breeding program, and to see his get on the ground soon --
I have no doubt that he will reproduce the wonderful  traits that I so admire in him,
and in both his sire and dam"
                                                               Nancy Gates 

Sobek's pedigree is not the result of a lucky chance mating.
It is the result of very careful analysis of the history of his dam's ancestry,
followed by a studious search for her perfect counterpart.  
Classic beauty, iconic Egyptian Arabian type, expemplary conformation
and movement are signature traits of every ancestor, on both sides of
Antara Sobek's pedigree -- going back many, many generations. 
Offered for purchase to the right breeder,
Antara Sobek ​will stand at stud

in 2017 to a few select mares.
Please click here for 
Antara Sobek's Video!
Photos of Antara Horses:  Jennifer Ogden
 Show Record Research: Arlene Magid  

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