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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

The Sire and Dam of Antara Sobek:

Ansata Hejazi X Sha Latif

Antara Sobek's dam, the
exquisite Ansata Hejazi 
 is a luminary in her own right.
The winner of many Halter and Most Classic Head competitions, she thrilled the Egyptian Arabian horse world
when she literally swept the Egyptian Event at the tender age
 of only TWO YEARS OLD.
In that one show alone,
she accomplished all of this:
 *Most Classic Head
*Futurity Champion 
*Junior Champion
*Shoot out/ Amateur
Jackppot Champion

In honor of her stupendous performance at the Egyptian Event in 2002, where she out-shined even the most mature and seasoned competition (both Straight Egyptian and Egyptian Related), 
Anatara Shalima was awarded the coveted,

"If I had only one strain to choose from in maintaining my stud, I would choose El Dahma."
                                Ali Pasha Sherif 

Ali Pasha Sherif, historic Egyptian dignitary and one of the most renown
breeders of purebred Egyptian Arabian horses of all times, began his stud
with the purchase of approximately 30 horses of the famed Abbas Pasha stock. 
By 1873, Ali Pasha Sherif's own stud numbered more than 400 Arabian horses.
Above all others, he cherished the dam line of EL DAHMA, a chestnut mare
born of pure desert bred parents. El Dahma is the matriarch of the
Dahman strain -- the root tail female of some of the most beautiful,
famous Arabian horses of modern times.

Antara Shalima is double Dahma Shawaniyah in strain, descending in tail
female from the legendary El Dahma on both her sire's and dam's sides.
In addition, both sides of Antara's pedigree access the El Dahma 
tail female through the famous Egyptian matriarch, Bint Sabah.
On Antara Shalima's dam's side, this blood continues to flow
forward through the lovely Ansata Ibn Halima daughter, Raalima -- 
and on her sire's side, through the incredible Bukra...twice.
In fact, all FOUR of Antara Shalima's grandparents trace
in tail female to El Dahma through Bint Sabah.
THAT is a genetic formula for remarkable consistency.
Then to the perfect horse He spake: 
    "Fortune to thee I bring,
Fortune as long as rolls the earth
Shall to thy forelock cling."
                                                                                                                                                                                        B. Taylor from the Arabic
(Poem Chosen for  Antara Shalima by Judith Forbis, to accompany
Shalima's photo as it appeared in her Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II.)
Arguably one of the most beautiful Straight Egyptian mares in the world,
Antara Shalima's celebrity could be considered a family birthright.
Through her dam, Sha Latif, Antara Shalima is the
great-granddaughter of one of the most famous 
Straight Egyptian Arabians of all time --
National Champion Mare,
Sha Latif is also full sister to 1992 Middle East
Supreme Champion Mare, AK ZAYAADAH.
Antara Shalima's sire, ANSATA HEJAZIwas extremely sought after --
Nationally and Internationally. He was by ANSATA HALIM SHAH, one of the most
influential Straight Egyptian breeding stallions of the late 20th century,
 and out of Ansata Sudarra, the acclaimed dam of many beautiful children. 
Ansata Hejazi's show career included:
*Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion
 *Reserve Grand Champion
*Multi-class A Reserve Championships 
+Reserve Supreme Champion
 *Get of Sire Champion
One of the top-ranked Straight Egyptian sires in the U.S. prior to his exportation
to Kuwait, Ansata Hajazi's sons and daughters have been exported to Europe
as well as to the Middle East. His son, Ansata Nile Echo, was named  
 Champion Colt of Qatar.
 In 1999 Ansata Hejazi was exported to the Kuwait, then in the year 2,000 he
was exported to Qatar -- his sons and daughters are treasured
throughout the world.


Descending from a long line of champions, Antara Sobek's sire,
KENZ NOOR, was  the perfect compliment to the exquisitely feminine
Antara Shalima. A Most Classic Head Champion himself, 
Kenz Noor glowed with masculine refinement, beauty and power.  
His sire line reflects the highly coveted Imperial bloodlines through
 Imperial Madori, sought after and nurtured in the Middle East.
Kenz Noor's dam,  Naksh El Koloob Norr, brings a refreshing nuance
of precious blood  directly from Egypt. Descending in tail female
from Roga El Beida, Kenz Noor is of the Saklawi Jedran strain.   
It is interesting to note that Imperial Madori's get include
Egyptian National Champion Stallions & National Champion
Sires, Khaled Saqr and  Ibn Arabia Saqr.  Imperial Madori
also sired the World Champion Mare, Gelgelah Al Badia.
In addition, the Imperial Madori sons, Gafaar Al Badeia,
Il Nasek  and  El Basha SAKR, are all sires of
Egyptian National Champions.
Clearly part of a legacy of remarkable excellence, Kenz Noor's own impressive International show record demonstrates the prepotence
of this blood. After winning Champion Stallion at Houston and San Antonio, Kenz Noor went on to win Reserve Championships
at the Cavalli Egyptian Event in Italy, as well as the
Arabica Egyptian Event.
Awarded the title of Reserve Senior Champion Stallion
 at the Egyptian National Show as well as the Reserve
Senior Champion at Holland's Classic Cup, Kenz Noor was also
honored with the 2008 WAHO Trophy for Highest Point Score.

Sheikh Khaled of Rahab Stud, owner of KENZ NOOR:
"When I think of an Arabian horse,
I visualize a living, moving tableau.
I see the living heritage of the brutal world of the desert with little water, little food and almost no shelter. And yet, this magnificent creature of God was able to survive and even flourish.
One must look at them and wonder from where the horse has the spirit and the will to survive and also has the intelligence and the character to mean so much to the history of the Arab peoples. Everyday, I give thanks to God that I am here to enjoy and love this gift from him."

Shown here appraising his many ribbons and trophies, 
Kenz Noor was named  The Egyptian Event Leading Halter Sire in 2008 and 2010.
Photo Credit, Rahab Stud, Cairo, Egypt.

The world lost the magnificent Kenz Noor well before his time, leaving behind
 only a few sons within the Straight Egyptian population in the U.S.A.
At this time, Antara Sobek is one of only 9 Straight Egytian Kenz Noor sons within the breeding population, worldwide.

How fortunate we are to have his fabulous son out of the one and only
Antara Shalima,  to carry on and fulfill his ultimate destiny.


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