The DreamMaker...

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My passion for the beauty, history and mystique of
Straight Egyptian Arabians--transformed into your reality.

 Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Consultant

The Passion Flower... 

An exotic beauty that blooms for only one day, then dies on the vine. 
Don't allow your passion for the unrivaled Egyptian Arabian to wither before it's fully realized.
Allow me to help you fulfil your dreams -- 
This is your moment.
 Caryn Rogosky

Egypt, 2008

Caryn A. Rogosky

Egyptian Arabian Horse 

*Extensive Pedigree Research
*Horse, Farm & Breeder Profiles, Online and Magazine Articles
*Breeding Program Planning
*Purchasing, Sales
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Skills & Experience

  1. Breeder
    25 years of owning, breeding and showing Egyptian Arabian Bloodstock of significant rarity, beauty, quality and athleticism. Former owner and manager Windkist Manor, an Arabian horse breeding and training facility, housing as many as 40 plus Arabian horses at one time.
  2. Pedigree Research
    25 years studying the lineage and history of Egyptian Arabian horses back to the Bedouin breeders of the Arabian Peninsula. Access to a vast personal research library, including an extremely rare set of Egyptian Jockey Club records from the early 1900's. Research has included study at the E.A.O and the Jockey Club in Cairo, Egypt
  3. Author
    Author of many articles regarding the Egyptian Arabian horse, published in the U.S.A., Europe, and the Middle East. Research for articles included field study of many breeding programs in the U.S.A and Egypt, as well as personal interviews with foundation importers and long time breeders of the finest, well known Egyptian Arabians in the world.
  1. Biographer
    Egyptian Arabian Horse biographer; profile writer for horses, breeders, breeding programs and farms. Profile work published in numerous Arabian horse magazines, online International Arabian horse forums, and as marketing materials in many mediums.
  2. Breeding Consultant
    A deep knowledge of Egyptian Arabian horse pedigrees and associated inheritable traits, combined with the ability to identify and interpret the genetic relationship between phenotype and genotype. The skill and desire to connect with the personal preferances of breeders, and to assist them in realizing their own visions and goals.
  3. Sales & Marketing
    30 years of experience in advertising and marketing; ad design, brochure design, website design and development. Strong connections with Egyptian Arabian horse breeders in North America and Internationally.
  1. Purchasing
    Decades of experience in identifying and acquiring the finest Egyptian Arabians available in the U.S. and abroad.
  2. Appraisals
    Egyptian Arabian horse appraisals based upon desirable breed qualities, marketability, usability as breeding prospects, show prospects, etc.
  3. Org. History
    Past Regional Director for Pyramid Society, Board Member and past Vice President of the Sheykh Obeyd Foundation, Co-Founder and past President of SOFI. Recipient of Al Khamsa President's Award, 2012 for research work.
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